Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Christmas is over. The kids are gone, most of the gifts have been put away, and the quiet is deafening. It kinda makes me sad. It's like a huge dinner that you've been planning, shopping, prepping and cooking for, and then it's all eaten in fifteen minutes. It's all over way too quickly. I like to linger and enjoy the flavor of both big dinners and big holidays, especially Christmas.

It was a very good Christmas! I got some scrappy stuff, some really big trays for serving on the deck, and a beautiful sweater, but the best gift of all was the shelving set that Alicia and Chuck gave us. Chuck even helped to hang them before they left for home. Isn't he a doll? I'm so glad to have them up, 'cause the wall was way too big and bare without them and the clocks looked funny up there by themselves. Now it looks 'decorated' and I have a place to display my favorite owls, and even some more clocks!

I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas. For me, it was so nice to spend time with family, and to hear from friends and family that we couldn't be with. We even got a Christmas card from son John all the way from Djibouti! It was indeed the most unique card we got!
Now it's time to sit down and write out my resolutions, and get busy on things I've signed up to do. I also hope to get some scrapping done this week.


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