Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 2010!

I can't say "Happy New Year" 'cause it's not really new any more. Ten days have just flown by. I finally put away the creche today, so now it's time to seriously think about setting some goals for the year. Since I've had a few days to think on it, and some push from the message board at Coordinates Collections, I did come up with a few: stay healthy, exercise more, keep in touch with family and friends, and scrap some of the bazillion photos lurking in shoeboxes in the closet.
There, I did it - I put it out there for all to see - now I have to at least try to reach them right?

I actually thought about following what Alicia and a few others are doing by adopting a "Word of the Year," something they got from Ali Edward's blog a couple of years ago. I don't think I'll do that, but if I did, I think my word would be TRAVEL. By that, I don't really mean actually taking trips - although we do plan on taking TWO cruises this year - one from Barcelona back to Galveston, and possibly a road trip as well, but TRAVEL can be interpreted a lot of ways. What I'd like to do is:

1) TRAVEL through Books - I love to read but seldom allow myself the luxury to just sit down and get lost in a book.

2)TRAVEL with Food - get brave and experiment with new recipes and maybe different types of food, taking me to different countries through my taste buds.

3)TRAVEL through Nature - spend more time outdoors and learn more about and appreciate more what God has created.

and finally
4)TRAVEL to the Past - by pulling out photos from years past and getting them into scrapbooks.
AND I've actually been doing just that - in fact, it's the reason I haven't posted to this blog before now - I've been busy 'traveling' back in time to 1980 when we took a family trip to Italy from our home at Sembach Air Base in Germany. It was an American Express bus tour we signed up for through the base. Everything was all pre-arranged - hotels, meals, everything. It was so nice to let someone else "do the driving!" Anyway, here are the layouts I've done so far this year!
(The first two are posted in the gallery at Coordinates Collections, here. I can't seem to get them to upload right side up here.)

So, I haven't been a slacker, after all. That's a lot of layouts for me, and I'm already planning the next batch. HINT: We'll be 'traveling' to Holland next. :)

Until then,

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  1. Sally, great job showcasing your travel photos! You have visited some amazing places!